Laser Dentistry

What Is Laser Dentistry?

At Ballard Family Dentistry in Saginaw TX, we embrace state of the art technology, including laser dentistry. A dental laser produces a very thin, intense beam of light energy. This beam vaporizes matter in a concentrated way, giving our Haslet dentists more precise control. This technology has a variety of applications in the dental field.

Uses For Laser Dentistry

A “gummy smile” can be fixed with by shaping gums with a soft tissue dental laser for a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Not only is a dental laser able to diagnose cavities, but it can also remove decay from a tooth and prepare the area for a filling.

Dental lasers can reduce bacteria in a tooth pocket and remove inflamed tissues.

Benefits of Laser Dental Technology

Laser dentistry is sterile, as the tip of the dental laser sterilizes itself when in use. A soft tissue dental laser can provide more precise cuts in gum tissue, which helps conserve healthy tissue.

Because a dental laser cauterizes as it cuts, it eliminates bleeding at the surgery site. Laser dentistry also seals nerve endings, which helps minimize inflammation. Since a dental laser delivers pulses of light that are too fast to trigger a neural response, you won’t feel any pain.

Post-procedure recovery times improve when dental lasers are used. Our patients who undergo laser dentistry procedures avoid many of the side effects that occur with traditional surgery.

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