Back to School Dental Check Up

back to school dental exam

Are your kids geared up to go back to school? It is imperative that you make sure your children have the energy levels boosted up and have the confidence they need before they head back to school. Your child may have the latest wardrobe, brand new things and what not for the new school year, but have you checked if your kid has a healthy mouth? It is quite important to consider making dental exams a regular part of your children’s back-to-school routine, especially if dental visits are not regularly scheduled.

Tooth decay is considered one of the most persistent childhood sickness and it is also second to the common cold in prevalence. Make sure you remember if tooth decay remains untreated it could perhaps weaken a child’s ability to eat, talk, sleep, and focus on their studies or even concentrate.

It is advised to parents that children should have their first dental visit by age between one-two years. If a pre-schooler is having their first check-up, oral health problems at this stage are less difficult to deal with, when damage is minimal it is easier to restore.

At Ballard Family Dentistry, we encourage dental visits to check, monitor and maintain your child’s dental development and also to educate your child and you about precautionary dental health care. Emphasizing proactive procedures for dental care in the course of your child’s growth and development can certainly help encourage excellent, lifelong dental care routines along with a healthy smile. It may also help the little one’s develop a comfortable relationship with the dentist to prevent the dental anxiety and nervousness that many children have.

If you generally do not schedule regular visits with their dentist, a back-to-school dental check-up is crucial for parents to think about. Make sure your children start off the school year with a healthy and care free smile. Give them the much needed confidence they deserve!

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